Workshop Basics – Analog Darkroom Printing

Gelatin silver prints were invented in 1873 by Liverpool photographer Peter Mawdsley and until our present time this negative-positive process is a standard for high quality printing. Photographs manufactured that way have great archival quality, show a fine distinction in the dark tones and convey an unmatched depth of the image. Which is why these prints are considered as of high value among collectors.

The workshop „Basics – Analog Darkroom Printing “ with Martin Weinhold is addressing people with little or no prior knowledge. Photographers and ambitious self-taught artists who want to learn gelatin silver printing in the darkroom are likewise welcome to join the course.

The workshop provides the necessary theoretical background and introduces the participants to the practical work of the negative-positive process. Weinhold will teach expert knowledge about handling enlarger, photochemistry and gelatin silver paper, as well as the assessment of the negative’s range of contrast, needed for proper exposure.

Hands-on topics of the workshop are the mixing of chemicals, the correct order of the tray process and the appropriate handling of gelatin silver paper. All required skills for working with the enlarger will be taught, such as adjusting the negative in the film carrier, dealing with f-stop and filters during the exposure and the use of contact sheets and test strips. Weinhold will also advise for drying and refining fiber based prints.

The workshop concludes with a group discussion of the participants’ printing results.

Photographer Martin Weinhold works constantly in his darkroom laboratory for more than 20 years. For his documentary work he insists on using analog black and white film which he processes exclusively in his own darkroom facility in Berlin, where also his fine-art prints are manufactured.

Weinhold grew up in Berlin. Since 2006 Canada became his second home country. He studied Communication in Social and Economic Contexts at the University of the Arts in Berlin. In his degree dissertation he elaborated on theories about the individuality in portrait photography. For many years he was working as a cameraman for various German TV channels. Today he is a freelance photographer, author and instructor for visual media in Germany and Canada. He dedicated his life to documentary photography and the contextualized portrait. His largest project, WorkSpace Canada, shapes and defines his creative work now for more than 15 years.

More information about Martin Weinhold and his work can be found at:

The Workshop takes place at the p: berlin laboratories in Berlin – Schöneweide. We provide a darkroom laboratory equipped with a number of excellent Durst 4×5“ enlargers, as well as the necessary photographic paper, chemicals and test negatives (medium format 2 ¼ x 2 ¼). Bringing own negative material is recommended.

This workshop is also available in German.




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incl. lunch and drinks


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