The team of p: photography unlimited e.V. photographed by Thomas Rusch.

Kristina Zwirner

Communication and Organisation

Kristina Zwirner is chairwoman of the association photography unlimited e.V. and has a talent for motivating people. This has not only benefited her in her studies of communication, as team leader at the Berliner Morgenpost or in her current position at the German publishing house LZ Medien. At p: berlin, too, she always keeps an eye on the team and takes care of administrative issues such as organization and accounting, as well as communications and cooperations. One of the ways she balances her work is by running marathons.

Alexander Schippel


Alexander Schippel is the initiator and chairman of the association photography unlimited e.V. Since his education at the Free University of Berlin, he has been working as a freelance photographer. His projects include an artistic long-term documentation of the renovation of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the illustrated book “Lausitz – Landschaft mit neuem Gesicht” (Lusatia – Landscape with a New Face) as well as the documentation of the permanent exhibition at the Humboldt Forum. He is currently documenting the renovation of the Bauhaus Archive Berlin and photographing the Samurai Museum Berlin. He finds a balance to his photographic activities and his involvement with p: berlin by working in his garden just outside Berlin.

Carola Briese

Organisation & Cooperation

Carola Briese currently works in the field of internet security for Digital Shadows as a Customer Success Manager. She supports the IT security departments of large European companies in the healthcare, energy and financial sectors, among others. During her studies and PhD project, she worked as a freelance event manager, translator and editor before moving into the SaaS world: first for the copyright protection of photographers as a business development manager and later in customer success for the online reputation management of companies. When she is not at the computer, she is cycling, taking the train or swimming in the Baltic Sea near Rostock.


Sven Stienen

Editing & Communication

Sven Stienen worked as a freelance editor on numerous journalistic projects in the print and online sectors and co-founded the Berlin urbanism magazine Stadtaspekte. In addition to his job in public relations at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Siftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, he volunteers at p: berlin’s communications team as a text editor. He is driven by the desire to connect creative people as well as by the passion to create beauty – in the form of stories or after work as a hobby craftsman.

Ralph Rosenbauer

Coordination p: berlin academy

Ralph Rosenbauer loves to discover the world photographically. His professional career led him from a humanistic school education to archaeology and history studies to design & engineering at the Swiss camera manufacturer ALPA. Besides his interest in photography, his passion for knowledge transfer brought him to p: berlin – the latter is a matter close to his heart and the reason why he volunteers as an organizer and lecturer for the development of the p: berlin academy. When he is not inventing new teaching concepts, he is riding on a horseback or playing beach volleyball.