The p: berlin laboratories offer photographers and photo-based artists the opportunity to use a production facility that meets the highest standards at a very reasonable price. Whether you need large format printing for exhibitions, analogue RA4-prints or scanning with the best available technology – we will ensure professional solutions for your entire workflow. One main aspect of our mission at the p: berlin laboratories is to combine all analogue and digital images processes and to treat them equally.  

The workshop facility provides an extra meeting space where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and connect and discuss with other colleagues. A fully equipped kitchen can be used for preparing food during long production days.  


Analogue Laboratory

  • C-Print (RA-4) developing machine, intake width of 60 cm (approx. 23.5 inch)
  • Durst Laborator 1200 with CLS Color mixing head (Color/Multigrade) for enlargement up to 4×5’’
  • Durst Pictograph for enlargement up to 4×5’’
  • Developing machine for C41 | E6 | b/w

Digital Laboratory

  • Phase One Digitizing-Workstation
  • Epson 11880 Printer (up to 162 cm width)
  • Epson (up to 111,8cm width, with Spectroproofer)
  • Hasselblad Flextight X1 Scanner up to 4×5“
  • Mac Computers with regularly calibrated Eizo CG-Monitors


  • 90 square meters, including bath and shower
  • HEDLER LED Lights
  • KAISER Fototechnik LED Lights
  • Hensel flash technology
  • Extensive camera equipment by SINAR and NOVOFLEX


  • Our library provides photographic positions on the technology and history of photography for artists to engage with. It is constantly being expanded and thus supports research and further training opportunities in the field of photography. p: berlin welcomes any additions through book donations.

Digital Laboratory

Printing Stations

Our printing work stations offer the ideal work conditions for the production of photographs, may it be for exhibitions, portfolios or for collectors. 

There are two separate printing workstations. One is equipped with an Epson large format printer; the intake width is 64 inches (162 cm). The second workstation has an Epson with 44-inch intake (111,8 cm). Both inkjet printers produce professional results of very high quality. Resolution, colour profiling and shine are excellent, and so is the archival longevity of these prints. 

The Epson printers operate with high-powered Mac computers and colour calibrated Eizo-CG-monitors. For the actual printing process we work with MIRAGE software. Among other useful features, this software offers an easy setting of test strips and placing of crop marks. 

Here’s what we’ll do for you: We ensure consistent and precise colour profiling, offer top-quality paper, and provide an ideal printing workshop experience. Booking a printing workstation for a whole day is 35,- EUR. If need be, you can additionally book an assistant who will guide you through the production process. 

Within the framework of the p: berlin academy we regularly organize workshops around the subject „digital fine-art-printing.


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Scanning Station Hasselblad X1

The Hasselblad Flextight X1 scanner is a fast-working device that delivers fantastic results. It is your best choice when you want to digitize transparent originals in the best possible quality and in high resolution, from 35 mm up to 4 x 5-inch format. The Flextight X1 is easy to handle even for beginners. An optical system in conjunction with a patented drum design produces an excellent outcome while treating your precious originals very carefully. The scanner’s maximum resolution is 6300 dpi.  

The workstation is equipped with an Eizo-CG Monitor. In case you have never worked with a Hasselblad-scanner before, we recommend booking a guided introduction (one hour). After that you are free to work independently with the device. On average one can digitize about 50 high quality originals in a single day long session. The fee for booking the scanning station for an entire day is EUR 50.00. 

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Digitizing Station

In cooperation with the manufacturer Phase One the p: berlin laboratories are proud to offer a new way to digitize original works of a variety of sizes and formats. For non-transparent originals the range goes up to the size of 84,1 x 118,9 cm (format DIN A 0, approx. 33 x 46 inch), for transparent originals, like negative or slide, from 35 mm up to 24×30 cm (approx. 9 ¾ x 12 inch). The process is highly efficient and produces digital image files of very high quality with a resolution up to 150 megapixels.  

The digitizing technology by Phase One is exceeding what most competitors have to offer. Many internationally renowned museums and archives are using this technology due to its extremely high quality. Advantages of the Phase One system when digitizing your original works include an intuitive and fast workflow, outstanding results in the areas of colour and image geometry and a dynamic range of over 15 stops.

The process is very time efficient, large numbers of originals can be digitized in a short amount of time. The Phase One workflow keeps quality and settings steady throughout the whole session. We recommend booking the digitizing station when you have transparent or non-transparent originals from 50 units upward. We charge EUR 75.00 per day to book the Phase One.

At p: berlin academy we regularly offer introductory courses on how to use the digitizing station. 


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Analogue Laboratory

Black and White Darkroom

We offer the possibility to book a professional darkroom laboratory for black and white prints. Please note that a booking is for an entire day. The darkroom is equipped with DURST enlargers for formats up to 4×5 inch. For all negative formats you will find excellent lens and enlarging easels, as well as anything necessary to produce outstanding prints on fibre based or resin-coated paper. For the drying process you can choose between different dry press models or use glass panes for flattening.

To guarantee very good quality for the entire process at all times, all devices undergo professional maintenance regularly. The darkroom safelight used is of a DIN standard and the room is equipped with a ventilation system.

We ask you to bring your own chemicals and photographic paper. You know best what works for your creative ideas and which combination of paper and developer will serve the purpose. We take care of the safe disposal of used materials. 

We recommend the booking for photographers with experience in the darkroom. For beginners we regularly offer introductory courses at the p: berlin academy. Please check our website for upcoming course dates. The fee for booking the darkroom (bw) for one day is EUR 50.00.  

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C-Prints - RA4

The darkroom at p: berlin laboratories is also equipped for printing from color negatives. Several DURST enlargers with excellent lenses can be used, as well as different enlarger easels and a paper-roll cutting cassette. The well-maintained RA-4 developing machine has an intake width of 60 cm (approx. 23.5 inch), which is therefore the maximum width of prints. Preflashing of photographic paper is possible. For the color process we provide the necessary chemicals. Darkroom users are responsible for providing their own paper; however, upon special request, arrangements can also be made through p:Berlin.

We take care that both chemicals and all technical devices are in excellent condition. The rooms have DIN standardized safety light, a water filtering system and ventilation. 

We recommend the color darkroom for people with experience in that field. For beginners we regularly offer introductory courses (color printing) at the p: berlin academy. Please check our website for upcoming course dates. The day’s fee for booking the color darkroom, chemicals included, is EUR 75.00.  

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Our generous studio will give you all the possibilities you need for people-, still-life- and macro photography. Give your creativity the needed space on 90 square meters, enjoy working with the best light equipment available on the market: the studio provides HEDLER LED lights, Nanlite-LED-panels and powerful Hensel strobe studio lights

Additionally, we offer a wide choice of camera equipment. Amongst others we can provide a SINAR P 3 equipped with adapters for most digital cameras. State-of-the-art accessory components by NOVOFLEX for macro photography, such as the CASTEL-MICRO, complement an exquisite set of equipment that leaves you free to fully focus on the creative process. Back drop rolls in various colors are available and will be charged by usage. 

The studio provides a bathroom with a shower. The charge for a full day is EUR 175.00. We recommend that you book a p: berlin studio assistant for an introduction. Keep in mind that the p: berlin academy regularly offers workshops to further develop your skills and creative capacities. Please check our website for upcoming workshops. 

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What you should know ...

  • You don’t have to be a member of our association to book our p: berlin laboratories.
  • We will be happy to answer any questions you may have:
    Phone: +49 30 64 07 23 55
  • If you need support with your work and/or instruction on our equipment, you can book a professional assistant in the p: berlin laboratories
    (30 EUR/hour plus VAT)
  • In our p: berlin laboratories, you can concentrate on your projects in a quiet atmosphere. In addition to the workstations, there is a reference library, an equipped kitchen with a cozy lounge area and always an opportunity to network with other photographers to exchange ideas.